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Hello there.  My name is Shawn Brooks and i have been a professional photographer for over 12 years.  On this website you will find my portfolios on headshot photography,  fashion photography, wedding photography, event photography as well as a my blog on the main subject of photography which provides free tips, articles and resources on all subjects related to photography.


Photo of fashion photographer Shawn Brooks
Shawn Brooks, a leading headshot, celebrity, beauty, and fashion photographer based out of Miami Florida. Shawn covers Advertising, Magazine,Editorial, Corporate, and Commercial Photography in Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.


“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Shawn Brooks, International Photographer-Graphic Artist, is a veteran of over fifteen years in the Creative Industry based in Miami. He began his career in Pittsburgh where he became enamored by the timeless heart and soul imagery captured by photographs. He decided to take a class in graphic arts and photography- this experience became the impetus for his new found passion for the art thus creating Shawn Brooks Photography.

Moving to Atlanta in 2004, was the perfect launching pad for the fledgling photographer where he honed his skills working with some of Georgia’s prominent businesses such as Pink Sky Boutique, reality personality and business woman Momma Dee, and Buffie Purselle the premiere accounting and tax expert known locally and internationally. Brooks later started Shawn Brooks Design, creating bespoke and customized solutions for his clients’ that incorporated digital photography, web design and graphics for the 21st century digital world.

As time passed, Brooks’ photographic and web-designing opportunities grew. It did not take long before Shawn made his mark as in “innovative” and “creative” digital designer. In 2011, his skills caught the eye of the production team of actress, and former First Lady of Turks and Caicos, LisaRaye McCoy where Shawn was hired on the spot to create the marketing collateral for the B2B Mixdown event held in the U. S. Virgin Islands. The event, held annually, boasts of a bevy of celebrity talent and entrepreneurs coming together for the purpose of sharing news, knowledge and insights.

Shawn’s proficiency, professionalism and integrity have gained him the trust of high profile celebrities and friendships with public officials and corporate businesses that include Kellogg Co., Marriott International Inc., The Seagram Company Ltd., Aids Walk Atlanta, The NAACP and Desert Sky Media, LLC. Shawn has also worked with Dr. Beverly Scott, member of the National Transportation Safety Board, Darrelle Revis, NFL Cornerback and Super Bowl Champion as well as Silva Harapetian- CBS Producer and On-Air Talent.


His multidisciplinary approach to business solutions has become his calling card and Shawn’s signature style encompasses images and graphics that embody vivid colors, high-resolution and crisp works of pure art in the form of websites, photography and graphic designs. Shawn has culminated these aspects into his work to make his signature style distinctly recognizable. He is an expert at Photoshop and uses it sparingly to add depth and clarity to almost perfect creations in their nascent stages of development. He then takes those designs and “digitizes” them and they take on a sense of personification in the final stages and come to life.

Shawn hired The D Network, a public relations agency in Los Angeles to sharpen his image and bring exposure to his brand. Working with the notable boutique agency he continued to shoot for celebrity-driven soirees and private events during award season. His photo assignments have included BET Awards Experience events, M. C. Lyte’s Hip Hop Sisters Foundation and the African-American Film Market Place & S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase presented by Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC).

Shawn continues to work on his craft through professional development courses and offers a curriculum of his own to eager entrepreneurs. He is Principal of Shawn Brooks Photography and Designs and the Enjoy Life Academy. The Academy is currently developing dynamic and engaging webinars that include courses for personal development, resources and business consultations. and








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