Besides having the right physical attributes, having the right attitude and personality is vital for anyone hoping to become a model. The world of professional modeling is a tough business and it takes a certain type of thick-skinned person to stand up to the intense schedule and stress that it demands. Below is a list of some essential personality traits a model should possess in order to have a successful modeling career.

Modeling requires the right attitude by Shawn Brooks
Modeling requires the right attitude by Shawn Brooks

A model must:

1. Love being in front of the camera and an audience

2. Be able to perform on demand

3. Be committed to and serious about modelling

4. Be hard-working

5. Be professional and pleasant to work with

6. Be patient and resilient

7. Be intelligent with the ability to learn quickly

8. Be versatile, willing to learn and take directions

9. Have good self-esteem

10. Be able to take rejection and constructive criticism

11. Be extremely determined. A model may need to go to many castings before being offered a job.

12. Be able to attend lots of castings, sometimes without much notice

13. Have great organizational skills to keep track of schedules and finances

14. Be able to sell themselves and sell the product

15. Have a passion for fashion

16. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat the right food and get at least eight hours of sleep

17. Work out to maintain a healthy body weight and fitness level. This will also reduce stress

18. Have a good skincare regime. Skin-brushing from head to toe will help to increase your circulation and give you an all-over glow

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